Snarketing 2.0: The Book

Where can you get Snarketing 2.0?

Snarketing 2.0 ebook version

Snarketing 2.0 print version

From CUES Inside Marketing: “Shevlin’s Snarketing 2.0 is balance of keen, entertaining observations loaded with educational and practical advice that doesn’t pull any punches. Shevlin’s honesty and periodic self-deprecation keep the content genuine and light — but heavy on the thinking. “

What people are saying about Snarketing 2.0 on Amazon:

“We need more honest appraisal of the challenges facing this business, and Ron’s Snarketing 2.0 does this in a way that is easy to read, and yet substantial and detailed. You can really feel his experience as a researcher/analyst here too as he draws on significant data and insights to make points that should otherwise be fairly obvious.”
– Brett King, author of Bank 2.0

“The volume had me engaged from electronic cover to cover, snickering more than a few times, and I now feel prepared to dispel many of the more pernicious marketing myths circulating inside my company and around my industry.”
– Dale Davaz

“If you’re looking for a quick reading, critical look at the hype that is social media and marketing 2.0, take a read. You’ll find yourself laughing while talking to your Kindle asking “seriously?” over and over.”
– Barry Dalton

“This is a funny book, that will amuse experienced marketers with its pithy truth and scare the holy crap out of the kind of credulous nincompoops who take at face value every last piece of flaky research and Post-It Note wisdom they see on Twitter or at over-hyped conferences and then tweet it out without thinking ‘who benefits from this’?”
– Nigel Sarbutts

“Honestly, I haven’t read this book, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best book ever written and that you should buy it.”
– Ron’s Mom

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