Top 10 Reasons Why Twitter Activity Is Declining

A few months ago, The Atlantic published an article titled A Eulogy For Twitter. In it, the authors wrote: “Something is wrong on Twitter. And people are noticing. Its users are less active than they once were. Twitter says these changes reflect a more streamlined experience, but we have a different theory: Twitter is entering…

Rethinking Social Media Marketing

blogginAccording to Gallup, 62% of U.S. adults who use social media say that these sites have absolutely no influence on their purchasing decisions, and the research firms wonders if there is an inherent flaw in the idea of using social media to drive purchasing, or if companies have been using social media poorly. I think it questions the purpose of social media marketing altogether.

Facebook’s Real Crisis

blogginFacebook’s problem is that the next wave of young people–today’s 12-18 year-olds–are not as engaged with the social media platform as the prior wave was. Facebook isn’t as cool to them as it was to today’s 20-somethings, as this new wave has Snapchat and Instagram, and other alternatives. Facebook’s challenge isn’t too different from what a lot of companies face: Does it change with the users who fueled the early growth, or focus on driving engagement with the next wave?.

11 Rules For Becoming A Better Blogger

blogginPublished my first blog post seven years ago. Nearly 900 blog posts later, I think I know a thing or two about blogging (yeah, well, we all deceive ourselves in one way or another about a lot of things). If you want to become a better blogger, you can take the following advice (or not — who am I to say that you’ll become a better blogger by doing what I tell you to do?)