Dissecting The So-Called Rise In Bank Branch Popularity

blogginThe American Bankers Association released the findings of its 2014 survey regarding bank channel preferences. A pymnts.com article titled Mobile’s Impact on Bank Branches reported that 21% of those polled selected the branch as their most preferred banking method, up from 18% in 2013. My take: The title of the article is wacky, and the ABA’s explanation of what’s going on is incorrect.

Mobile Bill Pay Realities

billpaySAP released the results of a global survey it conducted which found that: “Half of the respondents surveyed turn to their devices to pay a bill (55%), make a bank transfer (52%) and set up a new account (48%).” The mobile bill pay reality — in the US, at least — is that nowhere near half of consumers are using a mobile device to pay their monthly bills.