We Heart Banks

blogginIn Gallup’s latest survey of consumer sentiments towards various industries, banks registered a net positive score for the first time since 2007. Banks dropped into negative territory in 2008, and then plummeted to the negative mid- to high-20s from 2009 to 2012 (apparently, bankers and their mothers were surveyed, so banks managed to get a few positive votes). Over the past two years, however, banks have gained an impressive 36 points to rise from -28 in 2012 to +8 in 2014.

Dissecting The So-Called Rise In Bank Branch Popularity

blogginThe American Bankers Association released the findings of its 2014 survey regarding bank channel preferences. A pymnts.com article titled Mobile’s Impact on Bank Branches reported that 21% of those polled selected the branch as their most preferred banking method, up from 18% in 2013. My take: The title of the article is wacky, and the ABA’s explanation of what’s going on is incorrect.

Banks’ Digital Marketing Hyperopia

Don’t bother looking it up. Hyperopia is a term that refers to far-sightedness–for the purpose of this blog post, it’s important to know that it’s the opposite of myopia. Myopia being the term used by Kevin Tynan, CMO of Liberty Bank for Savings, in an editorial in American Banker titled Banks Have a Case of…

Why Credit Unions Don’t Get Their Fair Share Of Business

blogginWhy would I think CUs don’t get their fair share of the market? Because of the never-ending stream of research that shows that credit unions: 1) have higher levels of customer satisfaction than banks; 2) have earned higher levels of trust among consumers than banks; and 3) offer better rates and fees on deposit and credit products than many banks–but don’t have 100% market share.