McKinsey On Marketing

blogginA McKinsey Quarterly blog post on The Changing Face of Marketing contains the following: “Change is the dominant fact of life in every business today. And the ability to master and exploit change has become one of the most sought-after management skills. This is particularly true in marketing, where the very tempo of change is constantly quickening.” Read this post to find out why this quote is important.

Rethinking Social Media Marketing

blogginAccording to Gallup, 62% of U.S. adults who use social media say that these sites have absolutely no influence on their purchasing decisions, and the research firms wonders if there is an inherent flaw in the idea of using social media to drive purchasing, or if companies have been using social media poorly. I think it questions the purpose of social media marketing altogether.

Why CIOs Are Smarter Than CMOs

If I wanted to know how well-managed and successful your company was, I would only need the (honest) answers to three questions: 1) How tolerant of IT risk is your company? 2) How committed is the executive team to using IT as a strategic enabler/differentiator? 3) How well-aligned and coordinated is IT with other business…

Bank Simple, Email Hard

blogginNot that he needs my sympathy, but I kinda feel bad for Simple CEO Josh Reich. He mistakenly emailed an internal document to a reporter from some publication called Quartz, who–surprise! surprise!–published the not-so-ready-for-prime-time statistics, and claimed that Simple “seems to be struggling to sign up customers.” Both sides made some mistakes here.