Consumers Do/Don’t Want Relationships With Brands

Do consumers want to have a relationship with brands? On one hand, a research study published by the Association for Consumer Research says yes. On the other hand, a blog post on the Harvard Business Review site posits the opposite opinion. So who’s right? Both of them. How can that be? It’s easy. They both define “relationship” to suit the view they choose to support.

The Truth About Bank Channel Preferences

Boston-based research firm Yooseless Research revealed the results of an important new study looking at consumers’ bank channel preferences. According to Distinguished Principal Analyst Phuquing Yooseless: We asked consumers about their bank channel preferences, and their response was unanimous: “What the hell is a banking channel? We thought channels were something on TV.” When we…

Dissecting The Demand For Mobile Payments

A Payments Source article titled Consumers Show Cautious Interest In Mobile Payments reported on a study of US consumers’ views on mobile payments. My take: Concluding that consumers are “cautious” in their interest in mobile payments is a misinterpretation of the data. Looking at the market for mobile payments as a whole misses the segment of consumers that I call Smartphonatics.

If You Ask A Stupid Market Research Question

…then you’ll get a stupid market research answer. OK, I admit, it’s not fair to call to call the questions that Pitney Bowes asked of consumers in the UK, France, Germany, and US “stupid.” But the conclusions that PB draws from consumers’ responses to the survey demonstrate the pitfalls of asking survey questions in a…