Can We Trust The Trust Numbers?

blogginIf all these surveys about the levels of trust consumers have in banks supports your financial institution, please don’t let my comments–or common sense–get in your way of using the data to your advantage. But don’t deceive yourself into thinking that the findings from these studies have any correlation to who consumers bank with, or how they make their decisions about who to do business with.

Dissecting The So-Called Rise In Bank Branch Popularity

blogginThe American Bankers Association released the findings of its 2014 survey regarding bank channel preferences. A article titled Mobile’s Impact on Bank Branches reported that 21% of those polled selected the branch as their most preferred banking method, up from 18% in 2013. My take: The title of the article is wacky, and the ABA’s explanation of what’s going on is incorrect.


In the never-ending quest to understand how consumers make purchase decisions, and what influences their decisions…. No, wait. That’s not right. Let me start again. In the never-ending quest to prove that My Preferred Channel is superior to Your Preferred Channel, and to convince marketers to reallocate their budgets away from Your Preferred Channel to…