If I Had My Own Business

The marketing pundits tell us personalization and customization is key to successful marketing. One-to-one marketing, they call it. Recognition that every customer is different, and should be interacted with differently. If I had my own business, I know how I would do it: I would ask each customer who s/he works for.

Songs For The Citi

citiCitigroup is trying a new tactic: singing. On national TV. Citigroup’s London office opened its skyscraper to a BBC crew filming the popular TV series “The Choir.” I’ve got some ideas for what they should be singing.

Proud To Be The 1%

Over the past couple of years, it’s become unfashionable to be considered part of some segment of consumers called the “1%.”  I don’t know what the all fuss is about. I’m part of the 1%, and damn proud of it.  Here’s how I figured out I was part of the 1%: An organization called Public…