If I Had My Own Business

The marketing pundits tell us personalization and customization is key to successful marketing. One-to-one marketing, they call it. Recognition that every customer is different, and should be interacted with differently. If I had my own business, I know how I would do it: I would ask each customer who s/he works for.

Songs For The Citi

citiCitigroup is trying a new tactic: singing. On national TV. Citigroup’s London office opened its skyscraper to a BBC crew filming the popular TV series “The Choir.” I’ve got some ideas for what they should be singing.

Proud To Be The 1%

Over the past couple of years, it’s become unfashionable to be considered part of some segment of consumers called the “1%.”  I don’t know what the all fuss is about. I’m part of the 1%, and damn proud of it.  Here’s how I figured out I was part of the 1%: An organization called Public…

Love And Hope And Sex And Dreams

Actually, no, this post isn’t about love and sex. But it is about hopes and dreams. ————— Rolling Stones fans will recognize the title of this post as a line from the band’s song Shattered. The band is enjoying a resurgence of popularity as it closes out its tour celebrating their 50th year of existence.…