Facebook’s Real Crisis

blogginFacebook’s problem is that the next wave of young people–today’s 12-18 year-olds–are not as engaged with the social media platform as the prior wave was. Facebook isn’t as cool to them as it was to today’s 20-somethings, as this new wave has Snapchat and Instagram, and other alternatives. Facebook’s challenge isn’t too different from what a lot of companies face: Does it change with the users who fueled the early growth, or focus on driving engagement with the next wave?.

Do Credit Unions Need A Bank Transfer Day 2012?

Credit Union Times recently reported that Bank Transfer Day (BTD) creator Kristen Christian “came in for sharp criticism from a Vermont Occupy contingent which made headlines this week by electing one of its own to the board of the $346 million Vermont Federal Credit Union of Burlington.” According to the article: “Christian has taken undue…