The Mobile Moments Of Opportunity (Or Why Mobile Wallets Haven’t Caught On)

blogginMaking the payment is not the part of the customer experience that consumers want a digital wallet (whatever that might be) to improve. The mobile moments of opportunity–to improve the customer experience, to add new levels of convenience to the customer experience, to help consumers make better/smarter decisions about how they manage and spend their money–occur before and after the payment.

Is Bank Customer Service Really THAT Bad?

custsvcA Carlisle & Gallagher study concludes that first-call problem resolution is critical to customer satisfaction and loyalty. But customer service isn’t just “problem resolution.” It includes responding to inquiries regarding transactions, and providing information regarding products when asked about it. Excluding these interactions may result in underestimating banks’ first-call response rates.

Why Bank Branches Suck (And Why The Branch Of The Future Stuff Is Nonsense)

Chris Skinner recently published a blog post titled Banks designed for humans, not money in which he argues that: “Branches are banks’ retail stores but were designed for money. They were designed to handle physical forms of cash and cheques, as secure transaction centres. This is the core challenge of why everyone thinks branches will disappear. Because…

Bank Customers Want A Seamless Experience (My Foot)

Foot wasn’t exactly the first body part that came to mind, but I’m trying hard to keep it family-friendly here. Yet another consumer survey from yet another technology company finds that bank customers want…..wait for it….a seamless and personalized customer experience. And that consumers are even willing to share personal information with the bank in…