Why Credit Unions Don’t Get Their Fair Share Of Business

blogginWhy would I think CUs don’t get their fair share of the market? Because of the never-ending stream of research that shows that credit unions: 1) have higher levels of customer satisfaction than banks; 2) have earned higher levels of trust among consumers than banks; and 3) offer better rates and fees on deposit and credit products than many banks–but don’t have 100% market share.

2013 Bank And Credit Union Customer Satisfaction: A Measure Of Satisfaction Or Sentiment?

satisfactionACSI releases its 2013 customer satisfaction scores for the financial services industry today. A sneak peek at the numbers gave me a few days lead time to look into this year’s results. There may be a few surprises for industry insiders, but creditunionistas can rest easy: Credit unions continue to outscore banks on customer satisfaction.

The Strategic Planning Problem

There’s plenty of good advice out there on how to run a strategic planning session or offsite. As it pertains to credit unions, check out Mark Arnold’s blog or CU Insight. Mark encourages CUs to address questions about the organization’s value proposition and how it engages members. The CU Insight article, penned by CUES’ Charles…