BigDataDoofus Hunting

blogginBigDataDoofuses have multiplied like rabbits in the past few years (I think that many of them could be the offspring of a species of animals known as SocialMediaMorons). They roam the blogosphere and social media channels, dropping little BigDataPoops all over the place.


bigdataAt a recent conference, no fewer than 5 speakers made it a point to tell the audience: “(Fill-in-a-number) of (fill-in-a-data-measurement-metric) are created every (fill-in-a-time-period).” Needless to say, there was no consistency. Two petabyes a day, five terabytes a week, the numbers were all over the map. Sadly, this is what it has come to: A made up statistic is used to justify a made up management concept.

The Shelf-Life Of Marketing Data

shelflifeThere’s no question that marketing data has a shelf-life. But determining what that shelf-life is subjective, and I can’t imagine any marketing department relying on a model to figure it out. As more data sources become available and are used by marketers — and the need to act on that data on a more real-time basis grows — figuring out the shelf-life of marketing data will become a bigger issue for marketers.

Data Storyology

It’s conventional wisdom by now that, with all the data we have to analyze, we have to find the “story.” Experts like Tufte have done wonders to improve our capabilities regarding data visualization and presentation — but that’s different from the understanding the story that the data is telling. A recent HBR blog post titled How…