2013 Bank And Credit Union Customer Satisfaction: A Measure Of Satisfaction Or Sentiment?

satisfactionACSI releases its 2013 customer satisfaction scores for the financial services industry today. A sneak peek at the numbers gave me a few days lead time to look into this year’s results. There may be a few surprises for industry insiders, but creditunionistas can rest easy: Credit unions continue to outscore banks on customer satisfaction.

It’s Time To Kill The Net Promoter Score

RPSManagement ideas come and go. Unless we’re talking about the net promoter score, which has come, but hasn’t left. It’s the cockroach of management metrics. The utility of NPS just isn’t there anymore. There are better metrics out there. This post is about one of them: Referral Performance Score.

The Shelf-Life Of Marketing Data

shelflifeThere’s no question that marketing data has a shelf-life. But determining what that shelf-life is subjective, and I can’t imagine any marketing department relying on a model to figure it out. As more data sources become available and are used by marketers — and the need to act on that data on a more real-time basis grows — figuring out the shelf-life of marketing data will become a bigger issue for marketers.

Maximum Profit Per Customer And The 80/20 Rule

In a recent blog post, Don Peppers of Peppers and Rogers writes: “If your customer base has an 80-20 skew, then somewhere in [a] stadium full of 50,000 customers there are about 80 customers who do about 2/3 the amount of business done by the other 49,920 customers put together! So rather than paying to put…