A Good Year For Snarketing 2.0

I’ve published the last of Snarketing 2.0’s 2012 posts with the In Defense Of BS Metrics post.

All in all, I think it’s been a good year for the blog — 139 blog posts published, 100,000+ page views (the first time in six years of blogging that that has happened), and ~400 new subscribers. Oh, and voted 2nd best banking blog in The Financial Brand’s poll.

I realize that there are blogs that get 100k pageviews daily, and have 400,000 subscribers. Screw ‘em. I’ll take 400 highly intelligent readers over 400k bozos any day.


Writing this blog teaches me a lot about marketing. It makes me realize that there are fundamentally two approaches to marketing:

1. Find out what people want and give it to them.

2. Do (make) what you want and see how many people want it.

Number 2 might not make you as much money as #1, but it’s a helluva lot more fun.


I also realize that I am relegated to pursuing approach #2 when it comes to the blog. I have no idea what you want.

There is a situation that plays itself over and over regarding this blog: I’ll write something that I think is the most brilliant insight ever unleashed on the world of financial services marketing, and it will get 100 hits and 2 comments. Then I’ll publish something that would best be considered a “brain fart” and it will get 1,000 hits and 100 comments.

Go figure. You’d rather read brain farts than thought leadership. 


The other thing that happens time and again is the recurring feeling that every post will be the last one. The feeling that, after six years, I’ve said everything I have to say. But thankfully, some delusional bozo comes along, spewing ridiculous theories about the world of marketing or financial services, who needs to get whacked upside the head back towards reality. Thank goodness for them.  :)


And thank goodness for anybody who reads this blog. There is a core group who never fail to comment or tweet the link to the posts, and I truly appreciate what they do. 

So have a good holiday, and see you in 2013. 

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20 thoughts on “A Good Year For Snarketing 2.0

  1. Thanks for getting this out before the world ended today, Ron. Appreciate your entertaining insights — and brain farts — each week.

  2. Of course if the “Brain Fart” gets you 100 comments, we may not be the 400 intelligent people that you think or at least 100 of us aren’t. :O)

    BTW, 2.0 is getting kind of old. I think you need to bring it up a notch. Time for Snarketing 3.0.

    Have a great Christmas. Catch you in the New Year.
    cd :O)

    • Chris: I screen subscribers, and bozos get taken off the list.

      And I think next year the blog will be renamed Snarketing 1.7. Regressing is much more in line with where this blog is headed. :)

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Ron,

    Thanks for keeping me inspired, and keeping me on my toes. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope to see you again soon.


  4. I entered the financial services marketing world around this time last year, and other than hands-on experience, I’ve learned the most from reading this blog. Thanks so much for your insights and always keeping it entertaining! Here’s to hoping that putting your book on my Christmas list finds it under the tree this year. (I’ve got good hopes…my dad called last week to confirm that I meant to write “Snarketing” and not “Marketing”.) Merry Christmas!

  5. Yes, a great year of Snarketing! I may not comment on every article, but I definitely read them all and pretty much include every one in the CU Water Cooler daily links! Have a very Merry Christmas, and try not to critique the gifts given to you as hard as you critique the marketing bozos of the world.

  6. Ron, thanks for all of your great (and even the not so great) observations throughout the year. Appreciate your efforts to keep the bozos in check. Banking needs true innovation, not hype.

  7. Ron, Congrats on an exceptional year of content and discussion. Your take is (almost) always spot on, and even if I disagree with some of your positions, you always make a compelling case. Your BS-O-Meter is the best in the business, so continue your snarketing ways my friend. I hope 2013 can be just as prolific. Have a good holiday! @leimer

  8. You make it sound like brain farts are a bad thing! Seriously, you are one of my favorite bloggers and I appreciate your irreverent insights. Keep it real for us, Ron!

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