We Heart Banks

blogginIn Gallup’s latest survey of consumer sentiments towards various industries, banks registered a net positive score for the first time since 2007. Banks dropped into negative territory in 2008, and then plummeted to the negative mid- to high-20s from 2009 to 2012 (apparently, bankers and their mothers were surveyed, so banks managed to get a few positive votes). Over the past two years, however, banks have gained an impressive 36 points to rise from -28 in 2012 to +8 in 2014.

Making Analytics Strategic

Even in FIs with a strong analytics presence, and years of experience in data-driven marketing techniques, the analytics group itself is viewed as a bunch of statistical nerds, relegated to some remote section of a floor in headquarters that none of the executive team has ever been on–or would want to be seen on.

Top 10 Reasons Why Twitter Activity Is Declining

A few months ago, The Atlantic published an article titled A Eulogy For Twitter. In it, the authors wrote: “Something is wrong on Twitter. And people are noticing. Its users are less active than they once were. Twitter says these changes reflect a more streamlined experience, but we have a different theory: Twitter is entering…

Dissecting The So-Called Rise In Bank Branch Popularity

blogginThe American Bankers Association released the findings of its 2014 survey regarding bank channel preferences. A pymnts.com article titled Mobile’s Impact on Bank Branches reported that 21% of those polled selected the branch as their most preferred banking method, up from 18% in 2013. My take: The title of the article is wacky, and the ABA’s explanation of what’s going on is incorrect.

The Bank FinTech Fund Dilemma

A very large bank–I think it was a Well Funded bank–announced that it was launching a startup accelerator to provide up to $500,000 in capital, and offer a six-month boot camp for startups to develop tools for the financial industry, especially in the transactions, security and consumer information areas. According to the head of the…